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The Banditry Co. is a full-service animated video production company specializing in 3D animation and exceptional storytelling.

proud bandits

Bandits were more than mustache-twisting bad boys; they were clever, passionate & exceptionally creative artists with diverse and precise skill sets.

We'd describe ourselves the same way. Only, instead of our next big heist, we're constantly on the prowl for our next big project. 

A multi-disciplinary team of creatives in-tune with every facet of the project from inception to execution, The Banditry Co. has the scope of services to bring your brand to life in a truly unique and evocative way.

We're a rag-tag team of creative consultants and brand strategists, conceptors and copywriters, creative directors and designers, producers and directors, animators and Animaniacs.

We're crafty, clever and we're creative-run so you'll be working directly with the creative team (the one's doing the work!) from start to finish.


Like us, Bandits were a lot of things. They were social scientists and strategists. They were problem-solvers and improvisers. They were storytellers who built themselves up into myths–multi-talented legends who left a lasting impression on our culture and history.

We strive to do the same.

Meet the Co.

A butt-kickin', idea-slingin', no-nonsense-takin' crew of crafty creatives.

Natalie C. Mueller

Concept, Scriptwriting, Story

A formally trained writer and director of stage and screen, this Chicago comedian knows how to win over an audience. She’s done her time in big agencies and on big brands and has crafted copy for everything you could imagine. Some might say she cut her teeth while studying in the Second City Conservatory, but she’d probably point you to a stack of home videos featuring her, her siblings and a spectacular speech impediment.

Justin Younger

3D Animation, Design, Motion Graphics

This mean-muggin’, Chicago-lovin’, beer-totin’ chap has been around the animation block before. He spends his days making you, your brand and/or your product look damn good and his evenings… well… probably messing around and sculpting Adventure Time characters in ZBrush. Side bar, he may or may not be distantly related to Cole Younger of the Jesse James/Younger gang.

Greg Bodfish

Design, Animation, Ninja Turtle

If he isn’t sitting at a desk making pretty things, Greg is probably standing at a screen printer making other pretty things. If he isn’t at either of those locations, check the local Thai joint. A kick-butt designer of both static and moving images, Greg is a valuable part of the Banditry team and an excellent bonus-lap for the office cats.

Niels Henrik David Bohr

Creative Canine

Such dog, so wow. Specializes in ball strategy and finding the best sunbeams.

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